Wednesday, 29 May 2013

So Chanel

The Spring 2013 Chanel collection (yes, a bit old) had no particular theme. The models walked down the isle the way one would walk down a street. Casually, calmly with a singer humming the beat to them. 
Karl Lagerfeld, a.k.a. a contemporary fashion legend, recreates a modern silhouette for Chanel. He preserves its unique elegance and yet changes many things. Lagerfeld seems to understand the brand the way Coco Chanel saw her own style. I guess the neat-looking woman, the perfect balance of black and white (mixed with flashing colours), the elegance and pureness combined with cascades of pearls remind us of Gabrielle Chanel, herself. So cheers to another one of Karl Lagerfeld's flawless catwalks!
- S.
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