Sunday, 2 June 2013


I took millions of years to do this nail art! I even learnt a lesson: Go on internet if you don't know anything about drawing polka dots on your nails... Enjoy!

   "Coccinelle" - meaning Lady Bug in French - fused with the word "nails" sums up my nail art. Instead of using a toothpick or a bill point like a normal person, I handmade my dots. As you can guess, I took ages to do one hand (two hours...). So, to all the nail art beginners out there, before painting your nails in a really complicated way, surf the internet. It helps. 
  I started with the usual thin layer of red. Then, I waited 10 minutes for it to dry. Finally, the toughest, I added black polka dots. Note: Here's the easiest version. This nail art does not only remind me of a lady bug's delicate wings but also Louis Vuitton's old collection with Yayoi Kusama. "AND Marc Jacobs' perfume Dot!" (- Coco) 
- S. 
Red: St. James - nails inc.      Black: Cloak & Dagger - Topshop
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