Friday, 21 June 2013

Legend of the Dragon Catwalk

I've been dying to write a post about Guo Pei's Legend of the Dragon Catwalk, 2012. I know it's a bit late but I couldn't help it. The perfect word to describe this défilé d'orSpectacular!

The gowns were clawed by fiery dragons and encrusted with jewels. The designer obviously wanted to remind us the power and richness (culturally speaking) of her country, China, through these ravaging models. The garments weren't the only  extra-ordinary pieces; There was also the hairstyle and  makeup! Extravagant. Simply and purely. They topped Originality in any way, any direction. 

So a late bravo to Guo Pei's outstanding catwalk! 
- S.
Click here to watch the catwalk.

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