Saturday, 22 June 2013


I think the title qualifies my nail art pretty well. 
  Pearly base + Pearly beads = A somewhat pearly nail art

My mother was kind enough to give me her two Ciaté Mini she found in her Marie Claire. For this tutorial, you'll need: 

  • A pale colour (I chose Cookies and Cream by Ciaté
  • Micro beads (In my case, Shooting Star by Ciaté
  • Tape             

  So as usual start with your base. I did two layers to have an opaque base. After the nail polish is completely dry, you may apply tape leaving a gap where you'll want your 'pearls' to be. Reapply a thin layer of nail polish and quickly pour the beads onto the fresh layer. Tap them a little to equal them up. Then, after a little and last wait, remove the tape slowly and very gently (if you go too fast you might 'destroy' the layer below). 
And voilà! Your manicure is done.

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