Friday, 19 July 2013


Saskia (left): No7 Stay Perfect [red]
Zoe (top): Heart of Gold, Topshop
Georgia (bottom): Shirelle MAC
- Zoe
Argh! Late post... Sorry...
Earlier this week, I asked my friends to choose one nail varnish out of all the recent ones I'd bought.
I (Saskia) picked this satin-touched red nail varnish. I wanted to explore this kind of glitzy, glamorous rouge. I thought it was going to be a bit darker but it turned out to be rosier. This nail polish is very delicate though (went for a dip in the river, came out, half of it was gone). 
Zoe opted for Heart of Gold by Topshop; "I LIKE GOLD. But seriously, this stuff is great for tanned skin!" True that! It just glows.
Georgia brought her own and went for her Shirelle MAC. She chose this one because "the cherry-red flatters my oh-so-pale british skin".
- S.

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