Wednesday, 10 July 2013

✯ Clutches ✯

That's my Tumblr on the screen (:

It's summer... you have no pockets and you need something to hold your iPhone, your money and credit card? Clutches. Wearing a dress or a pair of pocketless (if that's a word) shorts? Clutches. Don't want to carry a huge bag around? Clutches
I guess 'Clutches' is the answer to everything, especially when it comes to the hottest day in the year. 
Urban Outfitters has been designing the perfect clutches for these situations. Their clutches are small but reliable. As you can see my iPhone fits perfectly into it, there's place for a few cards, and there's a pocket at the back to pop in some ca$h!
Got two of 'em ^^

Add the 'handle' if you don't want to hold it

Click here to view Urban Outfitters' wallets & purses.
- S.
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