Monday, 29 July 2013

Into the Wild

 Let's not exaggerate... I wasn't in the middle of the jungle but I did go and explore the mountains nearby. Describe the weather? Perhaps a little windy. I took advantage of this cooler day to put this dress on. 

Dress: Zara (SALES)
Belt: Esprit
Shoes: Bensimon
*cheeky face*
 In The Pointed Issue, I told you I'd prepare an outfit to coordinate my shoes. Well here's a little hint: I'm not wearing the so-called-shoes. Why? One, they're not made for rock-climbing (so are Bensimons but it's a step closer to a comfy pair of hiking sneakers), and, two, because I simply forgot them back at home. Oops!^^ So, today, I ask you to use your imagination to see how the shoes go well with the dress. 
 I added this belt to make my dress less baggy and it also ended up doing this ancient greek dress effect (which I think is quite summery). I had to tie my Esprit belt in a knot though; It's way too big for me.

- S.

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