Sunday, 7 July 2013

Shoreditch ☼

Summer has finally come in London, making a quite brutal entrance actually. I quickly snatched this opportunity of beautiful weather to go out for a walk in Shoreditch AND wear my new Urban Outfitters playsuit!
This year denim has been replaced by light cotton fabrics. Honestly, I prefer it this way; Those high-waisted-denim-almost-choking shorts were not my cup of tea.
The most popular suggestion to accompany this playsuit would be wearing a white plain tee, but once more the weather was far too hot for this option (plus I don't own a boring blank T-shirt). So I opted for a grey UniQlo tank top.
 For the shoes? There's a variety! Almost anything can go with this playsuit. But be careful: I said almost. My selection: Bensimon, Converse, sandals, ankle boots...
- S.
I like posing with graffitis.
Tank top: UniQlo  Playsuit: Urban Outfitters  Shoes: Bensimon

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