Saturday, 31 August 2013

♓ The Little Mermaid Shade ♓

This summer was full of discoveries in the beauty section: Yves Rocher and its effective products, DISCOVERIES post, and, now, Kiko. Kiko is great not only in quality but also price; Each nail polish I bought was only 2.50€! It has great colours especially when it comes to the shimmering effect...

The picture is not great quality (iPhone) but this Instagram effect makes it look like a watercolour painting
This one is the turquoise (if that makes sense). The type of turquoise where it's impossible to decide whether it's green or blue... I think it's perfect for the end of summer: It has a touch of fall but a dash of the two last hot months, too! Kiko doesn't give any names to their nail polishes (which I think is a shame) so I got inspired and decided I'd name it: The Little Mermaid Shade. It reminds so much of Ariel's tail... What can I say? I'm stuck in a nostalgic Disney world!
I really recommend this brand, though! It's excellent - but not as excellent as Topshop!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

⚛ Dɪsᴄᴏᴠᴇʀɪᴇs ⚛

♫ "It's some kind of magic!" 
This week is going to be a "Nail Week". I've bought a few nail thingy-mobbobers to share them with you guys! 
This one is completely new to me and it is the 'star' of this post: The Maybelline Express Remover! It's like a magic box... I've been stuck with cotton and dissolver for ages and this just modernises my way of taking off nail polish! Yes, I am aware that I can be amazed by the smallest things but this one is truly incredible! The best part is that this dissolver doesn't leave a weird smell on your nails! 
Now in the picture, you may be wondering why there's a nail clipper. It's simply because I have a new obsession for these, too. It gives a neat cut and I even think it makes my nails stronger... Maybe that's just an impression...
So, there. These are my new obsessions of the week. If you've never heard of the Maybelline Express Remover, I strongly advise you to try it out!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Diagonal Rasta Manicure

 Let me explain my choice of colours before I ramble on about how to make this manicure. (Let's make it short.) My cousin and I were invited to this party where the theme was 'Hats'. We decided to go there with a Bob Marley inspired outfit: the rasta beanie and some kick-ass nails (hence the choice of colours)! The hat wasn't too interesting to talk about so I decided to prepare a tutorial so that you could give it a try (with different colours, of course. ;)). It's very easy, there is no need of tape! My cousin and I didn't feel like going for a very neat look. We thought it looked better "messy", in this case. 
 First you start with the dash of green in the left corner of your nail. It doesn't matter if you go onto your skin: you can wash it off later with some dissolver or (the parts that are impossible to get off with dissolver) with water. Do this on every finger. Once finished you can move over to the red, which will be in the right corner of your nail! Same process.
 The yellow line is the toughest part of the job! You have to be ultra-concentrated and, most important, do not tremble! Take just the right amount of nail polish on your brush and apply it onto your nail in one strike. The line has to be as straight as possible and it must cover all the 'empty part' on your nail. 
 Ta da! You're done! I'm not a fan of 'complicated' manicures like this one.. Simple ones will always be the best. But if you're seeking a fun style, one day, try this one out! 
- S.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I Like That.

 This post is based on one of my favourite films: The Devil Wears Prada! Today, I'd like to just write about my favourite outfits and makeup sets in the film. Let's start with the outfits!


 The first one is seen quickly at the very beginning (couldn't find a picture of it). It's a classic. A remodernized 1950's outfit. A huge coat with only stilettos sticking out. It doesn't sound very glamorous put that way, but trust me I've seen this so many times and  I've never ceased loving it. Obviously in the film they didn't put a beanie on the actress, I just added it to make it less chic and more street style - my personal touch! I also assembled clothes that I've seen before and that I adore but I cannot afford (story of my little tragic life ;) )... For example, the Miu Miu coat that costs 18000 €.

 The second one is a tad more famous. It's one of those Anne Hathaway outfits. I've recently became obsessed with it! The ingredients: Short dress, long fennel necked coat/ trench coat, tights, knee high boots, a tote bag, and an abundant amount of Chanel necklaces! I picked mainly grey clothes for this outfit but Anne Hathaway's is more into the brown and dark purple fabrics. I really really REALLY like this ensemble. I'd say it's my absolute favourite even! It makes your legs seem longer and it's so... There are no words good enough to describe it! (Exaggeration?) In my inspirational outfit I took once more garments that were pricey and obviously beyond, way beyond my budget.


 There is only one person in this film that has caught my eye for this category [makeup]. If I wore as much makeup as she did during this tournage, I'm pretty sure I'd end up looking like a fool. But, instead, she pulls it off: She looks amazing! It made her eyes pop out in a positive way..! Bellissima! I chose this picture to illustrate what I meant (this is also one of my favourite parts in the film):

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Chamomile Facial Scrub + Bamboo Grains

Scrub: Gommage Douceur aux Grains de Bambou
 Not long ago, my friend advised me to test out a few Yves Rocher products (indeed, today, I shall mention only one but I have another one waiting *intense suspense*). So as you can deduct I decided to trust her and try it out AND write a post about it. I am happy I did test it out, though! 
 This review will be split into two groups: the good stuff about this scrub and the bad (so much vocabulary right there).
 Positive (+): I've always had a weak spot for scrubs with grains! I find them magical. And this one is magical. After rubbbing and massaging the Chamomile gel with bamboo grains onto my face, rinsing it abundantly with warm water, and drying it up with a freshly clean towel, my skin turned out to be super smooth and soft. I'm not saying all my acne vanished in a split second but it did give my skin a healthy boost! Second thing I like about this product is its sweet smell... And last but not least, is its reasonable price!
 Negative (-): It's not filled up to the top. I am not saying I bought it when it was half full but there was still space for more in there! Things like this always make me a tiny winsy bit disappointed. My second point isn't that bad... it's just that you can only use Yve Rocher's Chamomile Facial Scrub once or twice per week! When I have a lovely, fresh product like this I want to be able to use it everyday! But I'm guessing I'm being a bit too overly obsessed there...
- S.

Monday, 12 August 2013

✩ Elephants & Jewelry ✩

In a previous post, I mentioned my (little) obsession for elephants. This obsession has appeared throughout my jewelry. I admit, I don't have millions of elephants BUT these two are new buys and I'm pretty sure it's a good start.

The first one is a bead for my bracelet. It looks like it comes from Pandora but it's actually from Trollbeads (cheaper).

The second one is a pendant that I found in Cultura (a huge french shop for artistic activities). Reason I bought it immediately? It looks like the elephant on the Urban Outfitters tee (in my mini autumn wishlist).
Sorry for the short post! I promise that the next one will be longer... Not super long; I'm not that talkative! ^^
- S.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

La Vie Est Belle

 Yes, I know this perfume came out ages ago but I finally got it! Eek! I've been dreaming about this one for months and it's finally here, in my hands. I am a fan of Lancôme perfume. My precedent perfume Trésor In Love.
 If you're hesitating on getting La Vie Est Belle, you're right. I admit: I thought it was a very daring and strong perfume to wear, but I've never really liked faint ones (I find them a bit boring). When I qualify this perfume as strong I mean it's very strong, the type of strong that your nose can't get used to the odour easily. But then again I haven't had it for a long time, so I don't know exactly.
 The packaging is beautiful though. As for every perfume: It's neat, the flacon is kept elegant (the ribbon was even wrapped with plastic to preserve it's perfectness)... La vie est belle. 
- S.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Mini Autumn Wishlist

 I didn't have time to check out all the websites of shops I love online, so I picked my two favourite; Where I was sure I could find plenty of beautiful things to create this wish list of mine... The two shops are Topshop and Urban Outfitters, of course! 
 I also wanted to share my obsession with Polyvore. If you look back into the earlier posts, I am using these montages everywhere. I think it's a great website ! And the result is such good quality! So if you don't have an account, I totally recommend it.

  1. Topshop Velvet Bow Hair Clip - It's so cute! It'd be a great accessory to have in your hair. I also adore the vintage-ish details in the middle!
  2. Vagabond Grace Nubuck Boots - These are so stylish and have that grunge style that I am loving these days! I've always wanted a pair so they were one of the first items I added to this wish list. 
  3. Topshop Knitted Angora Cable Jumper - I like the patterns in there. And its' soft colour is so uncommon for autumn but it pleases me, too.
  4. Title Unknown Crop Top in Elephant Print - Everyone wants a particular t-shirt time to time... well I want this one! This year, I haven't found any crop top that stuck to my taste... But this one seems awesome! Plus, I love elephants.
  5. Cooperative High-Waisted Shorts in Check Print - This isn't the sort of shorts I'd go for normally. But I like the looks of it, the length, the colour, the shape... Basically everything!

So that's it! Those are my five fav' items on both websites. I might make another wish list for beauty products only...
- S.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

What's in my bag?

The bag in the picture isn't mine but it resembles a lot!
 Today, I was emptying my bag (that I love so much) and I told myself, "Why not write a post about this?" I admit; This might be a short post and it may not have much to do with beauty because I hate wearing lots of makeup during summer - I feel like the makeup is going to melt on my face! But I still thought it would be a good post to share with you.
 Let's start from the top and go clockwise: 
  1. Vichy Skincare Oil - You've heard about this one from one of my earlier posts (My [Summer] Beauty Essentials)! I obviously have to have it with me 24/7! The sun is literally setting your skin on fire where I am! 
  2. Diana Mini - I always bring it with me even though I have a Nikon, too. I can never decide: The awesome HD one? Or the 1960's effect?
  3. Nikon D3100 - It has to be with me everywhere I go! Kind of like a daemon in the Golden Compass or is that too exaggerated?
  4. Mirror & Rimmel Mascara - This isn't exactly the same mascara I use. I have this waterproof one which is always great for summer. The only problem, though, is that it doesn't last super long so I need to have my little mirror to accompany it and add a new coat every once in a while. 
  5. The Catcher in the Rye - Just in case I get bored...

- S.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

My July

Three days without one post? I'm such a bad blogger... Excusez-moi. 
I've got a pretty good excuse though: I've been sightseeing. A lot. Today's post is basically going to be a stack of pictures showing you how my July went. 

1. Graffiti Check Up

Before leaving London, I love going to Shoreditch to see all the new graffitis. So during my oh-so-boring last week there, I grabbed my camera and shot a few. I even found these really nice sketches glued to the walls.

2. Underwater 

Jimmy Newton Style

As you might know, my friends came over and one of them had this kick-ass camera that could go underwater!

3. O' Rocky Mountain

This is where I was in my last post! The views and colours were terrific, the weather got a little stormy...
*Mysterious effect*

4. Sur le Pont d'Avignon 

We weren't on the famous bridge though. Instead we did this little walk in the city. Moment agréable.
[Didn't take much pictures!^^]  

5. Caved Gallery
The title to this one must sound weird but there are these sort of caves, and inside you can go see these shows projecting famous oeuvres on the walls. You'll understand with the pictures...

6. Pont du Gard

And here I am under and on this quite well known bridge...

7. Next stop, Nîmes!

Next thing you know, I'm sitting in this arena where they still organise these bullfighting games... Well my journey comes to an end now and off we plunge into August.
Hope your July was good, too!
- S.

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