Thursday, 15 August 2013

Chamomile Facial Scrub + Bamboo Grains

Scrub: Gommage Douceur aux Grains de Bambou
 Not long ago, my friend advised me to test out a few Yves Rocher products (indeed, today, I shall mention only one but I have another one waiting *intense suspense*). So as you can deduct I decided to trust her and try it out AND write a post about it. I am happy I did test it out, though! 
 This review will be split into two groups: the good stuff about this scrub and the bad (so much vocabulary right there).
 Positive (+): I've always had a weak spot for scrubs with grains! I find them magical. And this one is magical. After rubbbing and massaging the Chamomile gel with bamboo grains onto my face, rinsing it abundantly with warm water, and drying it up with a freshly clean towel, my skin turned out to be super smooth and soft. I'm not saying all my acne vanished in a split second but it did give my skin a healthy boost! Second thing I like about this product is its sweet smell... And last but not least, is its reasonable price!
 Negative (-): It's not filled up to the top. I am not saying I bought it when it was half full but there was still space for more in there! Things like this always make me a tiny winsy bit disappointed. My second point isn't that bad... it's just that you can only use Yve Rocher's Chamomile Facial Scrub once or twice per week! When I have a lovely, fresh product like this I want to be able to use it everyday! But I'm guessing I'm being a bit too overly obsessed there...
- S.
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