Monday, 26 August 2013

Diagonal Rasta Manicure

 Let me explain my choice of colours before I ramble on about how to make this manicure. (Let's make it short.) My cousin and I were invited to this party where the theme was 'Hats'. We decided to go there with a Bob Marley inspired outfit: the rasta beanie and some kick-ass nails (hence the choice of colours)! The hat wasn't too interesting to talk about so I decided to prepare a tutorial so that you could give it a try (with different colours, of course. ;)). It's very easy, there is no need of tape! My cousin and I didn't feel like going for a very neat look. We thought it looked better "messy", in this case. 
 First you start with the dash of green in the left corner of your nail. It doesn't matter if you go onto your skin: you can wash it off later with some dissolver or (the parts that are impossible to get off with dissolver) with water. Do this on every finger. Once finished you can move over to the red, which will be in the right corner of your nail! Same process.
 The yellow line is the toughest part of the job! You have to be ultra-concentrated and, most important, do not tremble! Take just the right amount of nail polish on your brush and apply it onto your nail in one strike. The line has to be as straight as possible and it must cover all the 'empty part' on your nail. 
 Ta da! You're done! I'm not a fan of 'complicated' manicures like this one.. Simple ones will always be the best. But if you're seeking a fun style, one day, try this one out! 
- S.

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