Monday, 12 August 2013

✩ Elephants & Jewelry ✩

In a previous post, I mentioned my (little) obsession for elephants. This obsession has appeared throughout my jewelry. I admit, I don't have millions of elephants BUT these two are new buys and I'm pretty sure it's a good start.

The first one is a bead for my bracelet. It looks like it comes from Pandora but it's actually from Trollbeads (cheaper).

The second one is a pendant that I found in Cultura (a huge french shop for artistic activities). Reason I bought it immediately? It looks like the elephant on the Urban Outfitters tee (in my mini autumn wishlist).
Sorry for the short post! I promise that the next one will be longer... Not super long; I'm not that talkative! ^^
- S.
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