Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I Like That.

 This post is based on one of my favourite films: The Devil Wears Prada! Today, I'd like to just write about my favourite outfits and makeup sets in the film. Let's start with the outfits!


 The first one is seen quickly at the very beginning (couldn't find a picture of it). It's a classic. A remodernized 1950's outfit. A huge coat with only stilettos sticking out. It doesn't sound very glamorous put that way, but trust me I've seen this so many times and  I've never ceased loving it. Obviously in the film they didn't put a beanie on the actress, I just added it to make it less chic and more street style - my personal touch! I also assembled clothes that I've seen before and that I adore but I cannot afford (story of my little tragic life ;) )... For example, the Miu Miu coat that costs 18000 €.

 The second one is a tad more famous. It's one of those Anne Hathaway outfits. I've recently became obsessed with it! The ingredients: Short dress, long fennel necked coat/ trench coat, tights, knee high boots, a tote bag, and an abundant amount of Chanel necklaces! I picked mainly grey clothes for this outfit but Anne Hathaway's is more into the brown and dark purple fabrics. I really really REALLY like this ensemble. I'd say it's my absolute favourite even! It makes your legs seem longer and it's so... There are no words good enough to describe it! (Exaggeration?) In my inspirational outfit I took once more garments that were pricey and obviously beyond, way beyond my budget.


 There is only one person in this film that has caught my eye for this category [makeup]. If I wore as much makeup as she did during this tournage, I'm pretty sure I'd end up looking like a fool. But, instead, she pulls it off: She looks amazing! It made her eyes pop out in a positive way..! Bellissima! I chose this picture to illustrate what I meant (this is also one of my favourite parts in the film):

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