Saturday, 31 August 2013

♓ The Little Mermaid Shade ♓

This summer was full of discoveries in the beauty section: Yves Rocher and its effective products, DISCOVERIES post, and, now, Kiko. Kiko is great not only in quality but also price; Each nail polish I bought was only 2.50€! It has great colours especially when it comes to the shimmering effect...

The picture is not great quality (iPhone) but this Instagram effect makes it look like a watercolour painting
This one is the turquoise (if that makes sense). The type of turquoise where it's impossible to decide whether it's green or blue... I think it's perfect for the end of summer: It has a touch of fall but a dash of the two last hot months, too! Kiko doesn't give any names to their nail polishes (which I think is a shame) so I got inspired and decided I'd name it: The Little Mermaid Shade. It reminds so much of Ariel's tail... What can I say? I'm stuck in a nostalgic Disney world!
I really recommend this brand, though! It's excellent - but not as excellent as Topshop!

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