Thursday, 1 August 2013

My July

Three days without one post? I'm such a bad blogger... Excusez-moi. 
I've got a pretty good excuse though: I've been sightseeing. A lot. Today's post is basically going to be a stack of pictures showing you how my July went. 

1. Graffiti Check Up

Before leaving London, I love going to Shoreditch to see all the new graffitis. So during my oh-so-boring last week there, I grabbed my camera and shot a few. I even found these really nice sketches glued to the walls.

2. Underwater 

Jimmy Newton Style

As you might know, my friends came over and one of them had this kick-ass camera that could go underwater!

3. O' Rocky Mountain

This is where I was in my last post! The views and colours were terrific, the weather got a little stormy...
*Mysterious effect*

4. Sur le Pont d'Avignon 

We weren't on the famous bridge though. Instead we did this little walk in the city. Moment agréable.
[Didn't take much pictures!^^]  

5. Caved Gallery
The title to this one must sound weird but there are these sort of caves, and inside you can go see these shows projecting famous oeuvres on the walls. You'll understand with the pictures...

6. Pont du Gard

And here I am under and on this quite well known bridge...

7. Next stop, Nîmes!

Next thing you know, I'm sitting in this arena where they still organise these bullfighting games... Well my journey comes to an end now and off we plunge into August.
Hope your July was good, too!
- S.
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