Saturday, 21 September 2013

Made In Chelsea Style!

 Yesterday, I was having lunch near my school, and what do I see? The Made In Chelsea cast! Now, honestly, I don't watch this show but each time I see the adverts I find myself drooling over their outfits! A very chic street style. 

On Polyvore
 Well, I got the chance to see them in real life and it got me very inspired for this post. 
{From left to right on the picture completely above}
- Lucy Watson: She looks like a top model in an advert for DKNY in my shot! Her outfit is my favourite. To get the look, you need a leopard-printed blouse, a pair of black cloth shorts, very opaque tights, and the very fashionable black ankle chunky-heeled boots! Then over this beautiful ensemble add a long classy coat. Any colour will do!
- Millie Mackintosh: You can barely see her in the picture but she was wearing a white turtle neck with a blazer, slim black skirt, opaque tights, too, and quite elegant ankle boots. Her bag caught my eye. It was one of those very nice Celine bags.
- Louise Thompson: I thought her outfit was very interesting. She was wearing a black turtle neck pullover over an abstract dress. She, too, had the opaque tights (start of a new trend?). Her black ankle boots are very grungy, though. And, of course the unique Dior bag! I love her choice of colours. They work so well together.
- S.
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