Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Lipstick Trend ✍

At the New York Fashion Week, this one makeup trend stood out from the others. The theme being: keep the eye naked but the lips highly pigmented! I loved it. It's such a fresh look and it's so simple! My two favourites were the following:

1) Make it POP!

This trend's been used so many times before: You must've seen with Rita Ora's classic ruby lipstick. It's been used by Alexa Chung, too, who says that this is a perfect technique to hide your sleepy eyes. The novelty, as said before, is to keep the rest of your face neutral. Your eyes have to be literally naked. I think the best in this category was Diane von Furstenberg with Cara Delevingne. She [Cara] was also rocking this look with other brands such as Marc Jacobs.

2) Wine Coloured Lips 

This one's so soft and velvety. This trend appeared a tiny bit in 2012 but didn't seem as big as this year. Dark lipstick doesn't suit me much anyway and I honestly wouldn't be brave enough to try it out but it's nevertheless a nice look. I couldn't find which brand was doing the makeup in the picture above for the fall/winter 2013 Fashion Week, though (maybe Derek Lam). 
Vera Wang went for a similar dark-lipped-models style, too, except in a redder version. The theme? Vampires. Reminds me of Twilight. ^^
So which trend do you prefer? What do you think about this trend? Would you take a shot at it? 
I must say that my real coup de coeur was the 'make it POP' one... 
- S.

P.S.: I must inform you that this blog will be weekly from now on because I am going back to school! Wish me luck!
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