Tuesday, 29 October 2013

"My Moisturiser" Review

Le Petit Olivier

Lately, my skin has become a little flaky because of my severe acne treatments. Since winter is just around the block, which means that my skin will be getting even more dry, I thought I'd make a post about the best moisturising cream I've found, yet. 
"Enjoying the original benefits of the Earth’s natural gifts while respecting our human, animal and plant environment" – we don’t simply say that because we want to be trendy, we actually do it because it’s what we believe in.  
The name of the brand is Le Petit Olivier. It's not very famous but they try to stay as environmental-friendly as possible and end up with high quality and effective results. They are also against animal testing, which is another positive thing about them. What I love about this particular product is its smell. A very soft, thick scent. I like to put some by just applying a pea-sized amount on the driest parts of my face, every morning. Sometimes, I also do it before going to bed. It makes your skin instantly less dry and stretched out without making it all greasy. The flakiest parts stay somewhat a little dry compared to the rest, but the skin is certainly more relaxed after the application. 

This cream is based on Shea butter, which keeps your skin looking supple, smooth, and healthy. But it won't get rid of any visible stretch marks, it will just prevent you from getting any future ones and reduce the visibility of the actual ones! So, basically, Shea butter is a little wonder and will help you a lot if you have dry skin.

In all, I definitely recommend this product. I give it five stars out of five, 100%, 20/20! Absolutely love it.

- S.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Old Sport ✔

So lastly, I've been to New Forest. My dear parents literally dragged me out of the house and made me walk with them on these humongousourus promenades. I shouldn't be complaining; They were quite lovely. 

I decided to go for a sporty look since we were going to walk for a couple of hours; I needed something comfy. For example, the Sweaty Betty leggings and the "I Hate Everyone" oversized tee from Topshop! [Don't worry, I don't actually 'hate everyone'] I don't own a pair of hiking shoes so I just had to take what I had: an old pair of sneakers (so try to imaginatively replace them by Nike Airwaves or Adidas). 

So, there! That's my latest adventure. 

- S.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Artsy ✌

Mine's the one at the very top 
3 weeks! Or 4... Sorry about that. But no worries: I'll make an effort. I'm on vacation now so that means I'll be spending more time on my computer. Just kidding; I'll obviously be outside running after butterflies! Or not. The weather will decide.

So last year, I participated in this art contest and my work was accepted. It was displayed, later, in this exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art. So, I proudly went and chose a lovely outfit that I could, then, share with you. The top part is only seen on purpose, because it's the newest things in my closet and most important part of my outfit. The rest is some déjà-vu. Both the collar and the knitted sweater are from Topshop. Their autumn collection was absolutely wonderful! I've got other new things from there waiting for their time to shine in a future post. I'll try making posts with more interesting settings. Pinky swear it!

I may seem a little depressed on the picture, but that's just my after-school face (and I also felt awkward standing there alone posing for a picture).
- S.

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