Friday, 18 October 2013

Artsy ✌

Mine's the one at the very top 
3 weeks! Or 4... Sorry about that. But no worries: I'll make an effort. I'm on vacation now so that means I'll be spending more time on my computer. Just kidding; I'll obviously be outside running after butterflies! Or not. The weather will decide.

So last year, I participated in this art contest and my work was accepted. It was displayed, later, in this exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art. So, I proudly went and chose a lovely outfit that I could, then, share with you. The top part is only seen on purpose, because it's the newest things in my closet and most important part of my outfit. The rest is some déjà-vu. Both the collar and the knitted sweater are from Topshop. Their autumn collection was absolutely wonderful! I've got other new things from there waiting for their time to shine in a future post. I'll try making posts with more interesting settings. Pinky swear it!

I may seem a little depressed on the picture, but that's just my after-school face (and I also felt awkward standing there alone posing for a picture).
- S.

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