Monday, 30 December 2013

NYE: Nails ✴

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and I suppose everyone is getting all fancy to party till dawn! I figured that I couldn't do any outfit suggestions because I'm still too young to go to classy parties and couldn't do any makeup/hair suggestions either, since I do not own any party-ish products. So, I found myself falling back into the nail art section (which isn't a bad thing)! 

1. Strike !

My first manicure is quite easy but nevertheless cool. For this one, I did my normal two layers of hot pink nail polish. I let it dry, cleaned the edges as per usual and added my final touch: the silver strike. To get the look of this manicure correctly, don't try making a flawless line! I took a q-tip, cut one of the ends into a pointy end, dipped it into my nail polish (like a pen in ink) and starting drawing my line. And here's your result! I really love this silver nail polish by Ciate; it's super flashy and fun.

2. Snowfall

This one's very wintery and sparkly. I chose this light blue and chunky glitter nail polish to give my manicure a touch of frostiness. It's very simple, too. Apply two layers of light blue nail polish and add, as a top coat, a layer of glitter nail polish. To put it on correctly, use the "dab, dab, and glide" technique. Tada!

3. Firecracker

I must admit, that this one is a little harder than the previous suggestions and a bit more time-consuming. It looks like the Snowfall manicure, but there's a little twist to it. First of all, do the normal single coat of light blue nail polish on both hands. As you do your second layer, do all your fingers except the one where you want the powder of sparkle to go. Do the second coat on the chosen finger let settle just a bit (a few seconds will do) and pour your powder onto it. Blow gently to let the powder incrust itself into the nail polish and also spread out onto other fingers. The sparkles will be concentrated on one finger and let the others shimmer a littler; it gives it this velvety touch and firecracker effect.

4. Sequin 

The colours of this manicure remind be the 1920's. This one is without a doubt the hardest manicure out of the four to make. Like before, start with the first coat of nail polish, add a second coat only on the fingers where you will not be applying any chunks of glitter, apply your glitter on the fresh coat of nail polish. And be careful to sprinkle it at approximately one centimetre above your nail without making any clumps of glitter. Don't touch anything. Just blow gently like before. Then, when your nail polish is pretty much dry, do your best to get rid of the useless chunks who have stuck on. Wash your hands and your manicure is finito!

✴ ✴ ✴

So there are my nail art suggestions! 
As a conclusion to this wonderful year, I hope 2013 was a great year for all of you. I'd like to thank everyone that follows, reads, and comments on my blog. I know it's a small 'business' but I still wanted to show my gratitude. I wish health and joy to everyone for 2014! Happy (early) New Year! 
- S.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Merry Christmas, honeys!
Can't take a normal pose, sorry 
These are some of the latest products I got. I discovered Seventeen a week ago and was very pleased by their products. I went back, just before Christmas, at Boots to get the Christmas deal! {Boots had pretty cool ones} If you spent at least £8 on Seventeen, you'd get an eyebrow kit for free. 

I went, firstly, for a liquid eyeliner. It was time I upgrade my makeup gear, since I was still using a pen eyeliner. I quite like this one. It's easy to apply, it dries super quickly. There's not much negative to say about this eyeliner. The only thing is that you must dip your tip back into the ink frequently or else half of the line on your eye will be pitch black and the other grey-ish.  

Ever since I took off my braces (YAY!), I've been looking for a lipstick. And, there, I snatched the opportunity. But I wanted my first lipstick to be quite natural. I wanted it to be peachy or delicately pink. I found this perfectly peachy one resembling a lipstick I had seen on Rita Ora. A split second later, it joined my liquid eyeliner. I've tried it once so far and was very pleased with it. I think I'll be pairing it up a lot with my Rimmel Mascara. 

As the two products added up to £8 (a little more ^^), I got my eyebrow kit. First of all, the packaging was uber pretty. Inside the kit, there is a little mirror, a brush, 1 wax compartment, 1 setting powder, 1 highlighter, and, finally, a brow pencil. I've tried it a little but first I have to go see a brow specialist (don't know what they are called exactly). My eyebrows are quite bushy. And obviously, it couldn't be the pretty way (aka Cara Delevingne's eyebrows). Anyway, I might write a more detailed review when my eyebrows will be beautiful and have an actual shape.

- S.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Winter Favourites! ☃

I'm back on vacation! I think I'll be blogging daily... I'll try my best! So, this week for BritishBloggerSelection, I will be talking about my winter favourites!

1. Gingerbread Topshop Jumper

This is without a doubt the most wintery clothing I own. It is one of my personal favourites and I find it absolutely adorable! It gets you right into the Christmas Spirit and that's always a little plus for a winter selection  It's also very comfy and great quality so you'll might see me wearing this every Christmas season for the next few decades.

2. 'Em Winter Socks

I have no idea where I got these. I think it was one of those random present you get when your relatives have no clue what to give you. I love these winter socks because they're not too thick so I can also wear them with my shoes (really thick socks just make my feet suffocate in my boots). I don't really know why; I just really like this item!

3. Ciate Winter Manicure

This is a sneak peak to an upcoming post (which also explains why the picture is blurred). Here is one of my recent manicures that I did with the nail polishes I got in the Ciate Calendar. I have a little weakness for a blue coat of nail polish topped with glitter. It adds a frostiness and a little magic to the manicure!
My Snow Globe nail polish is really elegant, too, but very discrete and taking a picture of it wasn't very interesting.

4. My Super Scarf

It's super long, it's super soft hence the name: Super Scarf! Anyways, I really love the scarves from Urban Outfitters' latest collection. I have to admit, they're a little expensive... I was surprised to see that there wasn't any angora or cashmere! I think it definitely deserves to be a winter favourite since it keeps me very warm. And I appreciate that very much.

5. My Homies Beanie

My beanie protects me from the cold, too! I love this beanie because it's just the right size. I'm sorry to all of the people who like larger one, but I absolutely hate those. It can suite some people, but it's very rare when it does. I feel like long ones make your head shaped like a balloon..

P.S.: This sixth item isn't really a winter favourite since I wear it at any time in the year: La Vie Est Belle. It smells like candy and it's the perfect scent for these holidays!

- S.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

✧ Flash of Red ✧

I have a little weakness for black and white outfits and suddenly - BOOM - out of nowhere, a colour joins in to add some attitude to the ensemble. This colour doesn't have to be too obvious... For example, I tried this look out with my new Whistle jumper (which I'll come back to in a moment), my black Jamie pair of jeans, my UO sneakers and my Ciate "Boudoir" nail polish.

Jumper - Whistle
I got this jumper a few weeks ago. I thought it was going to be one of those jumpers that get all itchy after a few washes but to my surprise it isn't! This is one of my favourite tops at the moment. It's great quality and super soft (weirdly it has no cashmere or angora in it..). Plus, it's literally windproof (if that's even a word). Let me elaborate that point: Say you're walking down the street and the wind blowing, all icy and stuff; You won't feel a thing. It will completely protect you! So, if you're looking for a fluffy jumper like this, pop into Whistle and have a look!

Boudoir - Ciate
Secondly, as you know from my previous post, I got the cutest Ciate advent calendar. And this flashy (but very christmasy) red nail polish was the second of December's surprise. I think this nail polish really requires two coats to give it the fullest of its brightness. I would have added a vertical black line to give it a Louboutin-ish look but I didn't have time for that. 
- S.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Ciate Surprise! ❄

The calendar 
Who's excited for December? I am, especially with this awesome deal I found. It's a £42 (instead of £119) nail polish calendar! Eek! I'm so psyched! Sorry for my excessive amount of exclamation marks but you must understand my excitement. Christmas dweeb.

Snow Globe - Ciate
Today, for the first of December, I received "Snow Globe". This one is very soft. It's pretty much nail varnish with specks of glitter. I really like how discrete it is AND how quick it was to put on! It took me about three minutes. 

Piccadilly - Awesome Snow Globe!

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