Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Merry Christmas, honeys!
Can't take a normal pose, sorry 
These are some of the latest products I got. I discovered Seventeen a week ago and was very pleased by their products. I went back, just before Christmas, at Boots to get the Christmas deal! {Boots had pretty cool ones} If you spent at least £8 on Seventeen, you'd get an eyebrow kit for free. 

I went, firstly, for a liquid eyeliner. It was time I upgrade my makeup gear, since I was still using a pen eyeliner. I quite like this one. It's easy to apply, it dries super quickly. There's not much negative to say about this eyeliner. The only thing is that you must dip your tip back into the ink frequently or else half of the line on your eye will be pitch black and the other grey-ish.  

Ever since I took off my braces (YAY!), I've been looking for a lipstick. And, there, I snatched the opportunity. But I wanted my first lipstick to be quite natural. I wanted it to be peachy or delicately pink. I found this perfectly peachy one resembling a lipstick I had seen on Rita Ora. A split second later, it joined my liquid eyeliner. I've tried it once so far and was very pleased with it. I think I'll be pairing it up a lot with my Rimmel Mascara. 

As the two products added up to £8 (a little more ^^), I got my eyebrow kit. First of all, the packaging was uber pretty. Inside the kit, there is a little mirror, a brush, 1 wax compartment, 1 setting powder, 1 highlighter, and, finally, a brow pencil. I've tried it a little but first I have to go see a brow specialist (don't know what they are called exactly). My eyebrows are quite bushy. And obviously, it couldn't be the pretty way (aka Cara Delevingne's eyebrows). Anyway, I might write a more detailed review when my eyebrows will be beautiful and have an actual shape.

- S.
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