Sunday, 22 December 2013

Winter Favourites! ☃

I'm back on vacation! I think I'll be blogging daily... I'll try my best! So, this week for BritishBloggerSelection, I will be talking about my winter favourites!

1. Gingerbread Topshop Jumper

This is without a doubt the most wintery clothing I own. It is one of my personal favourites and I find it absolutely adorable! It gets you right into the Christmas Spirit and that's always a little plus for a winter selection  It's also very comfy and great quality so you'll might see me wearing this every Christmas season for the next few decades.

2. 'Em Winter Socks

I have no idea where I got these. I think it was one of those random present you get when your relatives have no clue what to give you. I love these winter socks because they're not too thick so I can also wear them with my shoes (really thick socks just make my feet suffocate in my boots). I don't really know why; I just really like this item!

3. Ciate Winter Manicure

This is a sneak peak to an upcoming post (which also explains why the picture is blurred). Here is one of my recent manicures that I did with the nail polishes I got in the Ciate Calendar. I have a little weakness for a blue coat of nail polish topped with glitter. It adds a frostiness and a little magic to the manicure!
My Snow Globe nail polish is really elegant, too, but very discrete and taking a picture of it wasn't very interesting.

4. My Super Scarf

It's super long, it's super soft hence the name: Super Scarf! Anyways, I really love the scarves from Urban Outfitters' latest collection. I have to admit, they're a little expensive... I was surprised to see that there wasn't any angora or cashmere! I think it definitely deserves to be a winter favourite since it keeps me very warm. And I appreciate that very much.

5. My Homies Beanie

My beanie protects me from the cold, too! I love this beanie because it's just the right size. I'm sorry to all of the people who like larger one, but I absolutely hate those. It can suite some people, but it's very rare when it does. I feel like long ones make your head shaped like a balloon..

P.S.: This sixth item isn't really a winter favourite since I wear it at any time in the year: La Vie Est Belle. It smells like candy and it's the perfect scent for these holidays!

- S.

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