Tuesday, 29 April 2014

High School Fashion Show 유

A few weeks ago, our high school's fashion show took place. Groups varying from 1 to 6 people had to each present their theme with the outfits they had designed. My group's theme was 'Futuristic Queens' and we had four outfits. My friend prepared an interview for me about the show.

Why choose the theme 'Futuristic Queens'? 

I wanted to be sure to not fall in the category of the "Classics". I also wanted my outfits to come from my imagination - I wanted to invent them from scratch. Obviously, I got inspired by other grand designers, but I stuck to being myself at the same time. 

Tell me about all your outfits - How did you make them? What's their 'history'? etc.

The one we called 'Onyx' is a total look noir, apart from the few dashes of gold to stay loyal to our theme of royalty. For this particular dress, I was inspired by what Poppy Delevingne was wearing to a charity event - A parachute dress! It's basically a very drape-y dress that is fills itself with air when walking. It has this Darth-Vader-effect to it that I love, too. I actually made this dress from scratch, and it's the first one I've ever made! For the beauty section, we got inspired by the very futuristic makeup in the Hunger Games II.

'Io' was inspired by the film avatar and my favourite catwalk by Alexander McQueen (S/S 2010). This one was a cacophony of colours. No black involved in this outfit. Ultramarine on the lips. Teal, prussian blue, turquoise, mint green, some purple, and a dash of vibrant red on the dress. The shoes had a delicate velvet blue touch to the outfit. We painted the thrifted dress in a very symetrical way, but with irregular forms to give it a less geometrical aspect. Not forgetting our theme of royalty, we ornated the ankles and wrists with golden roses. It was a subtle reference to the famous golden "fleur de lys du roi de France".

Our third one was 'Dia'. At first we wanted to represent a sort of 'Diamond Queen'. Sadly, we didn't find the iridiscent shades of fabric we were looking for in the skirt. Her crown simply consisted of a clear diamond in the middle of her forehead, looking like a droplet. For this one, we concentrated more on the makeup section. With a Lush wonder, we scrubbed Dia's skin with it to give it a hydrated glittery glow. We also stuck these facial stickers for a modern touch. 

Finally, 'Sky', the outfit I was wearing (not necessarly my favourite one). At first we were aiming a metallic grey dress mixed with bordered blue neon fabrics. But it didn't work out so we changed the blue into pink and went for a cute dolly/clown look. Hence the pronounced pink cheeks (façon Effie Trinket, Hunger Games) and dotted eyeliner. I also had a geometrical cut in the back of my dress. The discs ornating my collar are for a more humorous look. My shoes have a sim card pattern on them and Hermes style wings! I tried to make everything about this outfit cute, especially with the tutu and baby crown. 

Last question; Would you do it again? 

Definitely! I'm joining again next year, maybe with a different group. I loved participating in this event even though it was quite chaotic at times or stressing! But it was worth all the pain. Especially that first dress I made... It was quite a success!

In the end, I didn't get to climb onto the podium (they only announce three groups as winners), but I'm satisfied with what I made and its final result. I'll try again next year... and the year after that!

- S.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Square of Sunshine

Did you ever buy a pair of mint Extravaganza Office loafers (so irresistibly beautiful) but didn't know what to wear it with? Well, worry no more since I've found a few tips for you!
I find these polished pair very hard to accommodate with the rest of my wardrobe. But I loved they're kawaii + intellectual look so I had to purchase them... It's quite a simple equation:

Pretty + Affordable + Comfy = Must-buy

Tip 1: When owning a pair of shoes, that you normally wouldn't go for, get inspired by the image it sends you. These shoes made me think of an elegant, casual weekend outfit. This look has to stick to your personality, so make sure to stay yourself! 

Tip 2: If you go for patterned trousers, such as above, be careful to keep your makeup fresh, simple and discrete. These type of pants give a lot of colour and details to the outfit so it's good to balance it out with a delicate mise-en-beauté. Here, I went for a rosy lipstick (SEVENTEEN!) and a thin layer of mascara.

Tip 3: Put on your shades, and you're ready to go enjoy a lovely spring day full of sunshine!

- S.

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