Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Square of Sunshine

Did you ever buy a pair of mint Extravaganza Office loafers (so irresistibly beautiful) but didn't know what to wear it with? Well, worry no more since I've found a few tips for you!
I find these polished pair very hard to accommodate with the rest of my wardrobe. But I loved they're kawaii + intellectual look so I had to purchase them... It's quite a simple equation:

Pretty + Affordable + Comfy = Must-buy

Tip 1: When owning a pair of shoes, that you normally wouldn't go for, get inspired by the image it sends you. These shoes made me think of an elegant, casual weekend outfit. This look has to stick to your personality, so make sure to stay yourself! 

Tip 2: If you go for patterned trousers, such as above, be careful to keep your makeup fresh, simple and discrete. These type of pants give a lot of colour and details to the outfit so it's good to balance it out with a delicate mise-en-beauté. Here, I went for a rosy lipstick (SEVENTEEN!) and a thin layer of mascara.

Tip 3: Put on your shades, and you're ready to go enjoy a lovely spring day full of sunshine!

- S.

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