Monday, 19 May 2014

Get the Look: Rihanna in Dior

Pretty in pink, Rihanna! 
A couple of days ago, Rihanna was seen at the Dior Cruise 2015 dressed in a "pretty in pink" outfit. She literally stole the spotlight - Everyone was focused on her beauty! (The show was quite amazing, too).

Personally, I had an enormous, gigantic coup de coeur for this look. I found a way to 'reproduce' it in cheaper (Ay! Not everyone can afford a head-to-toe Dior outfit). The prices of the following objects are reasonable, and the quality isn't too poor.

  • Bubble Gum Dress from Zara: Not only does it resemble to Rihanna's, but it's got this totally adorable, sweet colour! And to make it even cuter, there are little bows in the dos nu..! This mid-thigh long dress is also at a very affordable price: £48!
  • Metallic Stilettos from Kurt Geiger: I know what you're thinking: Kurt Geiger? Really? Is that the cheapest you could find, Sassy? In my defence, these bad girls have a kick-ass, strappy design, which makes them look unique. Plus, not only are they on sale, but at least you're sure that they'll be very good quality.
  • Abstract Bag from River Island: Rihanna had a more blotches-everywhere bag, spotted with a few gentle colours. A cheaper version of her bag was impossible to find, so to get the look you must go for any abstract designs - But not too flashy! River Island's panel satchel matched her design quite well. I'd, personally, wear it without the shoulder strap and keep in my hand.
  • Quirky Jewellery: Each piece is from a different brand. Rihanna managed very well to dress up her very plain dress with weird (in the good way), bold jewellery. You can take your jewellery in gold or silver, whichever suits you the best, but stick to only one of them. Mixing gold and silver can make the ensemble look awkward.
  • Gettin' Pretty: Finally the last step: Keep your eyes in the shades of nude (make those eyelashes long) & give your lips a nice glamorous Marilyn Monroe shine. You can use whichever lipstick you want, or do it Monroe's way: Layer 7 rich rouges onto another! For the hair: Pin it high up and let it fall like a cascade - Barbie style! 

Now that you look like a glammed up doll, you can go rock those events the way Rihanna did it! Something interesting to do is change the outfit a little, so it matches your personality, too!

- S.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Exploring Vietnam

Knowing what to wear in Vietnam can be quite tricky. You have to respect a few elements, and yet be comfortable. The air can get very heavy in humidity, and admiring breath-taking landscapes as you're dripping in sweat isn't always the best thing. Therefore, your outfit is crucial for the adventure.

1- Flower Power

During this trip, you might have to go a lil' hippy; You'll need light trousers. Very light fluttery printed trousers. A majority of the population is still a bit rusty about the rule "Don't show your knees." and as a visitor of their country you must respect their culture. Or you will be victim of many scornful glares.  

I've never never been happier in my hippy pants!
The perfect thing to do is bring maxi dresses/skirts, shorts (wear your shorter garment when you're more isolated, not in a big city) and wait to be in Vietnam to buy these awesome bottoms. The price varies from 60.000 to 200.000 dongs (= $3 to $10) so choose your store wisely. Go for the street shops rather than the actual ones! 

Obviously, you don't have to wear the same thing everyday, but these trousers are very useful and perfect for this particular environment. Plus if you're a pant-lover like me, they're the perfect choice for you!

2- The shoe that fits

If you want, bring sandals for a short stroll or flip-flops for a rest at the swimming pool, but if you're trip is going to be as 'hikey' as mine was: Don't. The rain season is nearing so the paths get very muddy. Be sure to bring a pair of old trainers that you don't care about. Unfortunately, I brought my brand new pair of Nike Air and they literally got destroyed by the mud. But I think they are mud-proof or very resistant to hardcore grounds because after a few washes they looked brand new again! True story.

3- Blend in with nature

Wearing the classic local headwear for biking

When it come to makeup, keep it as simple as possible. For example, I'd only put some BB Cream (she's a real saviour) and mascara. Honestly, let nature do its miracles on your skin! Let it drip in sweat, let the toxins out - and wash it thouroughly afterwards!

So those are my big three tips for exploring the pitoresque world of Vietnam!

- S.

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