Friday, 20 June 2014

✧✧ My Empties ✧✧

I've spotted this kind of post numerously on my dashboard. I had to wait a little while, though, since I haven't completely emptied all of my products. To tell you the bitter truth, some of the products I'm presenting you are half full (See? I'm being optimistic). But I've had them for long enough to tell you, whether you should quickly add it to your cart, or throw it in the bin.


I think the essential, the key, the heart to makeup is making your skin look flawless. I, personally, don't have a lot of blemishes to cover up, so I opt for a light, airy, tinted cream, also known as BB Cream. I spread it lightly and equally around my face once, then go over those cruel little flaws once more. I've tried out two of these creams and both are great products (but one is a little more greater than the other). 
BB Creams are really useful, since they will give you some coverage, but let your skin breathe, too. (If you've got really bad skin, I'd advise you to go for a thicker foundation, though!)

Garnier - This foundation is for oily skin (mine). It is very fluid, which can be a little tricky to deal with when opening. Nevertheless, it is easy and quick to apply. You just need to buy it in the correct skin colour and it will adapt perfectly, and give you a healthy glow! Plus the pricing is reasonable. I completely recommend it! 
Rating: 10/10

Nivea - The Nivea Day Dream I have is for dry skin, so it's much more compact than Garnier's one. My skin is a little weird; It shifts from oily-McDonald's style to Sahara-dry on random days, hence the rebound BB Cream for dry skin. I find their lightest colour, in their selection, a little too dark. This foundation isn't a perfect match for my skin so I use it much less.
Rating: 7/10


I've only started wearing eyeliner this year, therefore I've been testing the grounds a little. I tried out notably two, which were very different from each other but didn't quite reach the perfection I was aiming for.

Left: Seventeen Right: Rimmel
Seventeen - This is the first one I ever tried out. I've written my first impressions about it in this post. I've really enjoyed using this product, even though it had a couple of flaws. For example, during the day, the eyeliner fades a little and falls apart. On the plus side, the tip stays hard and makes it easier to apply. I got this in a Christmas deal, so it was cheaper than usual, but the price is still quite low on its own. 
Rating: 7.5/10

Rimmel - It is the complete opposite from Seventeen's eyeliner. On one hand, the eyeliner remains perfect all day and stays pitch black. On the other hand, the tip softens more and more as you use it, which makes it a living Hell when applying. It is a little more expensive than the first one, but the portion is a little bigger.
Rating- 7.5/10


I've had many mascaras, but there is only one that stole the spotlight and that's worth writing about.

Rimmel - I chose the waterproof one, which has a higher price than the normal ones. Honestly, I recommend you take the normal ones, since I'm not convinced, that the waterproof-ness actually works. Furthermore, this mascara lengthens and slightly thickens the base of your eyelashes, giving you an adorable Bambi eye. I recommend this product!
Rating: 9.5/10

Nail Polish

I've got trillions of nail polishes, and most of them I've only wore once! At first, I wasn't counting on including a nail polish in this post, but this one is irresistible!

Ciate Boudoir - It isn't the sort of flashy, vulgar red that is referred to in Steinbeck's Of Mice & Men. It's a cherry, summertime and joyful red. The fruity kind that cheers up an ensemble. After two layers, your hands will have a clean finished look for a fresh summer day. I'm not sure about the price, since I got it in the Christmas Calendar in a smaller version. I'm not even close to finishing it, but I'm absolutely in love with the colour!
Rating: 10/10 

Here are the empties I have, that were worth talking about. 
Have you tried any of the products above? What did you think about it?

- S.
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