Sunday, 22 June 2014

RiObsession ❦

So as I've mentioned in one of my previous post, I've commenced an addiction for this year's World Cup and Brazil. Today, I shall ramble on about this obsession, again, but also unveil the mystery of what to wear in these amazon lands...

Flashin' back to Rio's 2014 Fashion Week

What do you first think about when you hear the famous name 'Rio de Janeiro'? I see a colourful crowd pouring down the streets, like a cascade of paint. I hear the rhythmic and joyful music, accompanied with laughter. Women are dancing, lights are turning, the world is spinning, as this huge event takes place. 

Well, in the fashion week, you'll find a glint of those colours - a calmer version of the festive day. 

Obviously, what is Rio without a bathing suit catwalk? Lenny Niemeyer shows us, with her catwalk, a smoother version of Rio: A white flow with a delicate explosion of purple, resembling an orchid. 
In Triya's collection for Summer 2015, we have a flashier version. One that reminds us more about the dreamy, but humongousourus Carnaval. The dark makeup keeping the eyes very discrete contrast completely with the thready bathing, which has colours varying form the fruitiest purples; going through the harshest red, and ending with the brightest yellow.

What do I wear?

These catwalks are screaming to us what to wear during a hot summer day. What are they screaming so loudly? NO BLACK. That's right. It shall be tough for many of us, as members of the Black Clothes Addiction. But with the beautiful range of colours we can find in store, this season, our problems will be quickly solved. 
Left to right dresses: Kate Moss for Topshop, Fruity Dress, Hydeia Dress, Boho Maxi Dress, Paisley Print Maxi Dress [sold out]  

Adidas has made a tropical floral print which works perfectly for a voyage in Brazil. 
If you're not the type to wear sportswear, opt for a boho chic look! Maxi dresses with a cool retro print will give a relaxed, but nevertheless elegant look.
Before you leave, don't forget to throw in a pair of those famous brazilian flip-flops, Havaianas!Or pretty sandals; Check out Vic's collection!

So which side are you taking? Boho Chic? Or Sporty Lux?

- S.

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