Wednesday, 4 June 2014

School during Summer ☼

[Secret dimple, right there!]
I believe that there is nothing worst than school in hot summer: Being stuck in a stuffy, sweaty room is not my cup of tea. In my case, we don't have uniforms, but that does not mean we are allowed to turn up in mini skirts and flip-flops. No. Quite the opposite actually. For the girls, our bottom garment must be at least knee-length if a few inches shorter, you must put tights. 

Even though summer in London isn't hardcore like in New York, in other words dangerously humid and high temperatures, it is still hard to dress properly (school-wise & weather-wise). I came up with a few outfits with the lowest price possible, and concentrated on the 'total look blanc', which is uber trendy and uber practical for the season.

The Chic - Sloppy boyfriend jeans, platform sneakers, and a strassed tee to give some peps to your outfit. The addition is simple, but to keep a chic street style image, throw on a white blazer (Zara has a very cute selection for these) and gift yourself with a cool pair of shades (Cat-eyed Celines are by far my favourite, this year! [Don't own a pair, but they're smacking]). Smooth leather backpacks  are everywhere this summer, too, and Topshop's summer collection has a few.

The Posh - This look is great for work but a tad too formal for school. The base of the oufit is a simple white dress. To give it that elegant look, you must dress it up with accessories. This season, I am loving bold necklaces and especially the genre I chose in the outfit, above. Clutches with a metallic reflection modernise the ensemble, too. For the shoes white/nude stilettos are great - But not for school: Go for a chic pair of loafers, or comfy flats. The picture shows the famous Valentino it-shoes. I couldn't resist! They're just too fab!

The Cool - It's relaxed but complex. A jumper for summer? I believe it's fine as long as it's a very light material. Don't go for polyester, though; Synthetic fabrics are always warmer. Side note: I just discovered the new Kenzo tops, which are completely rad (especially this eye). This latter would be great to pair up with a pair of folded skorts! I've been dreading for one of these. This whole outfit would be finished with chunky white shoes. This edgy style has been very popular this year! An optional pair of socks? Sure, but it's summer, so choose wisely. To really complete the look, I've spotted this magnetising white clutch in Zara, which is too cool, too cute - too coote!

Tip: To get accepted into the school, choose a nude pair of tights. Yes, indeed, there is no logic, since they are see-through. But as long you've got the tights, you've got accessibility.

Why choose white?
  • It won't grill you like wurst on a barbecue 
  • It goes with any type of skin (darker pigmentation  a nice glow ; lighter pigmentation  a smooth, soft porcelain skin)
  • It's cool... In both ways! (Excuse the pun)

- S.

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