Sunday, 15 June 2014

When Fashion Meets Football

A couple of days ago, the first match of the Football World Cup 2014: Brazil vs. Croatia. This game sounded promising. Indeed, it was, with all its tremendous stumbling, tumbling, & fumbling! And the referee's queer choices at some points in the game (even though I was cheering for Brazil, I still believe that a referee must stay true to the game and not give any advantages to any team).

The whole world has been bubbling in excitement for the World Cup. That is including Fashion, too. From fun sketches to an awesome mini-collection, we've seen it all!

1- The Football World Cup 2014 Dress

Featuring in Sepp's latest Football Fashion issue is model Aline Weber, rocking a jersey dress dedicated to this year's World Cup by Versace. The footballs decorating the jersey dress with '2014' clearly scripted onto it, in bold numbers, define this item as the perfect combination of fashion & football. The garment is also pleasant to look at with its typically tropical, brazilian, graphic design. The kaleidoscopic style, combined with the flamboyant yellow, delivers a cheerful attitude to this fine piece of work. 

Donatella Versace has designed other clothes in this genre for this mini-collection. 
I find the cover picture of the magazine, shot by Markus Pritzi, is making a statement: You can be fashionable, but love football nevertheless (which is also what the editor in chief of Sepp, Markus Ebner, had in mind by starting this magazine).

2- Karl's sketching

Out of all the people in this world, Karl Lagerfeld has also taken interest in this international sport event. Karl playing football, Unknown Man crowned with a traditional leaf crown, and Giselle Bundchen rocking the brazilian footballer uniform. These sometimes light-hearted, sometimes very representative-of-culture sketches, drawn by a legendary designer, show again the harmony that has been created between this noble sport and glamourous business.

I'll be following each step of the World Cup and will be rooting for Germany. I've started to develope a little obsession... Oops!

Who are you for?

- S.

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