Monday, 6 July 2015

Festival Tips

London has been hit by a giant heatwave. But if there is one thing you need to know about British weather: It can change at any moment. So if you're going to a festival, and you're not sure about the weather, here are a few tips to survive.

 1. Old sneakers or...

Go for an old pair of shoes. Sneakers are best because they are comfortable and won't be totally destroyed by the mud or, simply, will protect your feet from stomping people. As long as your shoes aren't sparkling, white and brand new, you're good!

If you're going for the stereotypical look of British festivals, wear a good ole pair of Hunter boots.

2. Even it out

Top (left) : Uniqlo
Bottom (left) : Zara
Top & Botton (right) : Topshop

If the weather is a bit odd, alternate between long and short items. For example, long sleeves and shorts or trousers and a crop top.
Another (really) good item to have in these situations is a K-Way.

3. A personal touch

This hasn't much to do with weather issues, but...
Go wild and decorate your skin with stickers or temporary tattoos! [But keep the makeup light.]

Be creative, too! I can't remember where I got my facial stickers, but they can be found anywhere. It gives your look an indie touch, which is perfect for the whole festival vibe.

I've also observed that people like to "ink" their skin with metallic temporary tattoos. It's another way to be creative with your skin. Here are some nice ones to buy online.

Have any of you gone to a festival this year?

- S.

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